Thank you for breathing new life into your pre-loved Residus garments and helping us make fashion circular!

There are several benefits to shopping second-hand, not only are you helping the planet but you are also saving money.

We encourage all our customers to re-sell their pre-loved garments.
On Tradera we gather all private advertisements that Residus lovers have posted of their pre-loved garments. We will also be posting our own advertisements with one-of-a-kind samples and archived pieces from our previous collections.

Guide to making a good ad

Here are some tips from us when making your ad in order to boost your chances of selling!

1. Wash and iron your clothes so that they look nice and smooth in the picture.

2. Think about lighting! Try capturing the clothes in a natural light to bring out the best sides of the garment.

3. Think about positioning! Does the garment look better spread out on a flat surface, or hung on a hanger?

4. Provide a clear and thorough description of the garment, including size, condition of the garment and material. This will clear the buyer of any confusion that may arise when viewing the product.

Remember, when presenting the condition of the garment, try to be as descriptive and detailed as possible. Descriptions such as “good condition” may not be specific enough, instead try adding descriptions like “Worn regularly” or “Never worn” to provide more context.

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