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Industry estimations show that the production of the fabric makes up 80% of a garments environmental impact. At Residus we are always on the hunt for high quality leftovers to actively reduce industry waste and minimise our products ecological footprint. Simply put we are trying to close the loop by making beautiful products out of what already exists out there.


If you have worked in the fashion industry for a while you know that the system is set up to always start from scratch. This creates massive amounts of leftover textiles and we see tons of them all over the world in hangars and warehouses. It can be leftovers from sales collection, canceled productions or productions where high fabric minimum quantities were not reached with actual orders. Amazing high end materials just sitting there while we (the fashion industry) start from scratch every season to create something new. For us, trying to make use of some of this leftover material was the foundation on which we founded Residus and it is a fun way to create limited edition capsules for our customers while reducing the environmental impact of our brand.

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