Viscose (Cv)

Viscose is a made of pine tree or wood cellulose. The fiber has good moisture absorption, but is sensitive. Viscose fabric is soft against the skin and easy to wash.


Polyamide (Pa)

Polyamide, or nylon, is a synthetic, oil-based fiber. Polyamide is wear-resistant and keeps the fit very well.


Polyester (Pes)

Polyester is an oil-based synthetic fiber. It does not wrinkle; it is easy to care for and keeps its shape well. Polyester is often mixed with cotton, wool and viscose.


Elastane (Ea)

Elastane, or lycra, is a synthetic stretch fiber known for its high elastic capacity. Elastane is never used alone in a garment. As little as two percent elastane may be enough for the garment to keep its shape better.