There is so much love in this woman. Linda Sundblad is a person that inspires others by sending out so much love to everyone around her. Listen to her story on what happened with her huge success with the Music band Lambretta, where she finds her inspiration for her music and hear her speak about her next up coming project – the song “Bridges”, that is inspired by true events.

Tell us a little about who you are and about your background
I’m a singer and a songwriter who started my career in a band called Lambretta. I went solo 2005 and have since worked as a solo-artist with different projects and collaborations.

How did the music come into your life?
My father is a musician and I grew up listening to Toto, Chicago, Whitney Houston etc. I sang a lot as a child but didn’t really care if I had a good voice or not until latter. In the middle of the 90s when I was a teenager, you couldn’t really see yourself as a popstar, you didn’t really dream about those things. Today it’s easier through all the digital platforms etc.

You got a huge success with the group Lambretta, I was a fan myself, when did you decide to split up and go solo, and why?
We decided to split after a lot of disagreements, different goals both musically and private. I had also around 2004 started to explore other styles and was inspired to go solo and to be free the compromising ;)… I also moved to San Diego around that time so universe had it all figured out…

Where do you find your inspiration for your music?
I find inspiration in life, it’s such a cliché but it’s the truth. In everyday situation, spiritual thinking, pain but also true love and happiness. I love to get inspired in the most unexpected way.

Reading about you online the word that constantly pops up in my head is love. Love for the people, love for music, love in everything you do. It’s almost like you are an advocate for love itself. Is that something that just happened or was that a conscience choice?
I’m definitely a HSP (Highly sensitive person) I’m so sensitive and aware of my actions and after been through both smaller and bigger emotionally situations the only way I can see is to act more with love. It’s not about denying your dark side but to instead choose the lighter path, it’s so much more worth it in the long run. It’s not about talking about love or the love in a relationship, it’s about your truth, honesty to other humans and to be humble about what you have in life.

Tell us about “Love Train”. What is it and how did it happen?
Love train is a DJ duo that I have together with my best friend Amanda. We wanted to share a happier culture in the clubs and Stockholm nightlife. The whole idea is to get more people to smile, be more kind and dance to fun nostalgic music.

Being in the music industry is very competitive. Have you ever experienced any negativity from people that are jealous of you and what you’ve accomplished? What’s your advice in handling situations like that?
It was more competitive before, these days you have to help each other. You collaborate more and doesn’t have that kind of prestige that existed way back. I think the best thing you can do is to help each other out and do it more often unconditionally. I think we do that mistake a lot, to think… if I do this, what do I get in return instead of thinking. It feels good to help and share.

What is your greatest achievement in life so far?
That’s such a hard question and I don’t want to drop names and situations. I think more of just being a human and to deal with all the struggles we all deal with everyday. That’s an achievement enough… haha!

What’s your next step? Any fun projects coming up?
I’m releasing a new song called Bridges the 28th of April. Looking forward to that, I feel proud and calm but it’s scary too. The song is all about what you would do for another person, are you brave, strong and fearless enough to bring me to the other side of the Bridge. Kind of.

If you could give yourself an advice as a 20-year-old Linda, what would that be?
So many… haha!! But stay truer to yourself and others. But at the same time, what felt real at 20 was real then… But maybe I would give the advice… Be prepared for change cause that’s the only consistency.

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