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    Elsa Carmona and Ebba ‘Cuntrie’ are highlighting sensitive subjects in their debut song “Dear Sadness”. Further on they talk about their personal style and thoughts on sustainability. Can you start by telling us a bit about yourselves and your background.  Elsa: I’ve been a singer/song writer for as long as I can remember and I’ve …

  • Viola Bergström in black and white

    POWER WOMEN WEDNESDAY – Viola Bergström

    ‘Not everything needs to happen in a heartbeat, some great things take time. Nobody is expecting you to have a company, own an apartment and get a book deal by the age of 22, chill.’ Viola Bergström started out in the fashion industry early on and today she makes a living of what she loves. …

  • Power Woman Sofia Edgren


    EMBRACE CONTRASTS Who is Sofia Edgren? There are – multiple answers. She is a freelance journalist, a writer and a soon-to-be certified yoga instructor. She is a surfer, a traveler and a firm believer in cherishing your own biological clock. The name Sofia Edgren might also be associated with the sparkling wine cava , and that justly. Together with her best …

  • Power Woman Magdalena Wosinska black and white

    POWER WOMEN WEDNESDAY – Magdalena Wosinska

    “Someone who never stops” – that’s at least how her friends describe her. A description Magdalena Wosinska herself does not object to. – I’m a very active and excited person. I used to think it was a bad thing because people would say I’m intense but I just see that as drive and passion! Magdalena …

  • Ulrika Norberg in leather jacket and jeans


    Some people are present when they converse. Ulrika Norberg is one of them – she has a passionate way of talking and her gaze is energetic and curious. Seemingly effortless, she combines seriousness with laughter. The day of our interview Ulrika Norberg has had a busy day: she took the early morning train from Helsingborg …

  • Frida Ahlvarsson in power women interview

    POWER WOMEN WEDNESDAY – Frida Ahlvarsson

    A few years ago, clothing designer Frida Ahlvarsson noticed a gap in the market: no existing brand focused on timeless silk blouses for the urban woman. With ten years of experience from designing for Odd Molly and Frank Dandy she decided to start her own brand – Ahlvar. The rest is history and today Ahlvar is …

  • Cherrie in a white power women shirt


    ´If you have a purpose that’s genuine and comes from something pure, it’s really hard to lose your way.´ – Cherrie Cherrie is one of Sweden’s biggest RnB stars. At only 28 years old she’s won multiple awards, she’s done a documentary for SVT and released soul-changing music through her own record label. We got …

  • Paula von Wachenfeldt outdoors in a white top

    POWER WOMEN WEDNESDAY – Paula von Wachenfeldt

    ‘If we stop paying attention to aesthetic and cultural expressions that fashion is part of then we might as well stop admiring paintings in the museums and we might even stop looking at beautiful architecture.’ – Paula von Wachenfeldt Paula von Wachenfeldt is a Fashion Studies Professor who’s passionate about sharing knowledge. We got the …

  • Martina Törnvall in a printed dress outdoors

    POWER WOMEN WEDNESDAY – Martina Törnvall

    ‘When I allowed my heart to lead the way, as if all I knew was embodied, it was so easy to close that door and jump into the unknown. I believe that when you do what you really love, when you really dare to listen, it all flows. Like following that stream of water, instead …

  • Ida Höckerstrand and Sofie Hallberg

    POWER WOMEN WEDNESDAY – Ida Höckerstrand and Sofie Hallberg

    ‘We have learned the importance of conversation. How it is so important to talk about things that are troublesome at an early stage. In that way we think that we can prevent a lot of mental health issues from developing into clinical anxiety disorders.’ – Ida Höckerstrand and Sofie Hallberg Ida Höckerstrand and Sofie Hallberg started …

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